Can I make a payment online? Can I pay over the phone?

To make a payment online CLICK HERE.  You can also call (call-center-number) to be connected with an associate who will be happy to process your payment over the phone.  If you would like to send a check please email us here –><–.  Someone will respond with an address and we will mark your account as sending a check.  Thanks!

What if I don’t pay for my lots?

Once you are registered, you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions set forth in the registration process.
That becomes a valid and binding contract.

Payments for successfully won lots is due within seven business days after the close of the auction.  Lots that are left on our premises for thirty days or more, paid for or not, incur a $5.00 per day charge.

If you fail to pay after sixty (60) days, the merchandise becomes the property of the auction house.   The unpaid items will either be returned to the consignor, or re-sold for the consignor.  No compensation to the original bidder will be due.

Online Bidders:
In the event of a non payment, we would be obligated to post a dispute with whichever bidding portal you may have used.  This becomes part of your permanent online record, and is available to all auction houses to see.  This will possibly impede your ability to bid with other auction houses.

What is the address of the actual auction?

23 Garrison’s Landing
Garrison, NY  10524

Located on the banks of the Hudson River, under tent, at Historic Garrison’s Landing.  Home of the Garrison Art Association,  Antipodean Books, and the Garrison train station. Boscobel Museum minutes from the auction.   Restaurants, Deli’s, etc. within five miles and a ten minute drive to Historic Cold Spring, NY.  Light fare available on site.

GPS:  Garrison’s Landing, Garrison, NY  10524
Train:  From NYC or Albany, Metro North, Hudson Line, walk to auction site
Yacht:  Garrison’s Landing Marina

How does phone bidding work?

Register on our website, indicate you would like to phone bid and give us the lot numbers you are planning to bid on.  We will only accept phone bidding on items valued at $500.USD or higher.

When your item comes up for bid, you will be phoned a few lots ahead.   You will bid live with the audience through the phone agent who has phoned you.  We do not guarantee phone bids, as there are circumstances when we cannot reach you at the numbers provided, or we have too many phone lines on one lot and cannot accommodate you.  We suggest you register early to reserve your phone line.

Note:  Phone bidding incurs the same premium as bidding online,
please see Buyer’s Premium section for all premium percentages.

How does Absentee Bidding work?

Register on this website, indicate you would like to leave a bid, and give us the lot numbers and highest amount you are willing to pay.  We incorporate your bids into our auction software and they are “placed” for you electronically within the live bidding process, in the correct sequence of the current bidding.  This happens in the correct sequence of the live bidding as if you were there.  We do not control your bid in any way.  The software will drop you out of the bidding when the bid amount has met or exceeded your bid.  We do not do “plus one” or alter your bid.  Place the highest bid you would be willing to pay.  If it sells for less than your maximum bid, you will be the winner at that lower amount.

Alternatively, you may also leave absentee bids on Live and
These internet bidding sites will execute the bids for you in a similar way.

When bidding online, there are times when a “winning bid” doesn’t win?

Under certain circumstances, that has happened. You are bidding along on one of the bidding portals, you receive a notice from that portal stating that you have won the lot, only to find out later from the auction house that you are not the winner. Why? It’s one of two reasons.
Because bidding is occurring through multiple mediums, all at the same time, there are occasions when one of our internet bidding portal clerks jumps the gun on the SOLD button, attributing the sale immediately to the bidder whom he is representing . . . possibly you. Meanwhile, the auctioneer is continuing to take bids from other bidding portals or the floor, phone or absentee bidding. It’s a human error, the clerk failed to wait for the official “SOLD” call from the auctioneer. We cannot retract the notification that the bidding portal has automatically emailed to you, and so you believe you are the successful bidder.
Another reason you may lose a bid is due to the bid increments. Every auction has a bid increment scale, which does not change during the bidding process. Here is our bid increment schedule:


Price Range Bid Increment
$0 – $100 $10.00
$100 – $500 $25.00
 $500 – $1000  $50.00
 $1000 – $2500  $100.00
 $2500 – $10,000  $500.00
 $10,000 – $25,000  $1000.00
 $25,000 – $50,000  $2500.00
 $50,000 – $100,000  $5,000.00
 $100,000 – $500,000  $10,000.00
 Over $500,000  $50,000.00



Example: A Lot has so far been bid up to $500. The next bid would need to be $550, the bid after that $600., bidding in $50 increments until the bid reaches $1000. Now the bid increment jumps to $100., thereby requiring the next bid to be $1100, $1200., etc.
Let’s assume you, Bidder #1, left an absentee bid on that Lot for $1300. The Lot sells to someone else, Bidder #2, for $1300. How did that happen?
Depending on where the first bid came from will determine whether your absentee bid can be figured into the bidding process at all.
Example: The auctioneer takes the first bid on the floor (in the room where the auction is taking place) and here is a possible scenario where you, Bidder #1, could be completely out of the bidding:
1. Floor Bid: $1000.
2. Absentee Bidder #1 (you): $1200.
3. Phone Bid: $1300.
4. “SOLD” at $1300 to the phone bidder
Incrementally, your bid fell into the $1200. bid slot. The software automatically gave you the next bid after the $1000. bid. If the bidding stopped there, you would have been the winner at $1200., even though you left an absentee bid of $1300. Bidding occurs randomly and continuously, the Auctioneer needs to take the bids from wherever they are coming from and has no control over the order in which they fall. If you’ve left an absentee bid on an internet bidding portal, the auction house does not even know what that bid is. Understanding the process can help you feel secure, knowing that there is no manipulation of any kind by the auction house, bids are entered electronically in the incrementally correct order as the Auctioneer is simultaneously accepting bids from elsewhere.

What is the Buyer’s Premium?

The Buyer’s Premium is the commission amount due to the auction house and paid by the Buyer.  Your premium (commission) depends on your choice of payment type.

Live-Audience Bidder Rates:

Cash, Check or Bank Wire – 18%

Visa or MasterCard (USA only) – 21.5%

International Credit Card (outside of the USA) – 22.5%


Online Bidder Rates:

Cash, Check or Bank Wire – 21.5%

Visa or MasterCard (USA only) – 24.5%

International Credit Card (outside of the USA) – 25.5%



Absentee Bidder Rates:

Cash, Check or Bank Wire – 18%

Visa or MasterCard (USA only) – 21.5%

International Credit Card (outside of the USA) – 22.5%



Phone Bidder Rates:

Cash, Check or Bank Wire – 21.5%

Visa or MasterCard (USA only) – 24.5%

International Credit Card (outside of the USA) – 25.5%




Do I pay sales tax on my purchases?

If you pick up your item, or we ship your item to an address within the state in which the auction was held, there will be sales tax due.

8.375% is the Putnam County, NY Sales Tax for 2015

The only exception is if you have filed with us a valid NY State Sale Tax Exemption form, showing that you are purchasing items for resale (applies to dealers).

If we ship your item(s) to any location other than the state the auction was held, there is no sales tax due.

Can I ask about the condition of an item before bidding?

We offer detailed descriptions, with numerous pictures of each Lot on our site approximately two weeks prior to the auction.  We do our very best to point out and photograph any damage or flaws.  We unfortunately do not offer and cannot supply detailed condition reports intended to take the place of the human eye of the buyer or his agent.    The absence of a condition statement does not imply that the Lot is in perfect condition or completely free from wear and tear, imperfections or the effects of aging.  It is the responsibility of the bidder to examine the lots in person and/or view our on-site photos and descriptions.  All counts, weights and measurements are approximate.  The auctioneer bears no responsibility for error or omission.  If a bidder feels the need to examine in person, and cannot view the items during our normal preview hours, we will make every effort to accommodate the bidder with a private viewing.

In rare instances we will supply additional images.  We do our best in the beginning to get enough images to accurately show the piece.  During the preview or pre-auction, we do not have the time to re-photograph and email high resolution images.

How can I preview the items before the auction?

The Preview is held at the live auction event location (not the main office).  Preview hours are:

the Friday before the auction 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm (EST)

Auction mornings from 9:00 am until the auction begins (12 Noon EST)

Our website offers many images and descriptions, so please visit  approximately two weeks prior to the auction.

What if I want to pick up my purchases myself?

Any items paid for may be picked up after you have filled out our pick ups form and receive a confirmation for the date you have set.  At the auction, if you pay cash, Visa or Master Card, you may take your purchases with you.

After your purchases have been paid for in full, you or your authorized agent may pick up your merchandise at our Office or Warehouse, with an appointment.  We will disclose address info after the payment and form are completed by the winning bidder.

Pick ups begin the second Monday after the end of our auction in order to allow us to transport and unload the merchandise from the auction-site to our storage location.

Fill out our form for an appointment so we know how to direct you.

Our office hours are
Mon – Fri 9:30am-4:30pm, EST.

Office number:
914 – 595 – 7013

Any items left on our premises after forty-five (45) days, regardless of payment status,  will incur a $5.00 per day charge (this charge applies to each individual item won).

After sixty (60) days, the left items become the property of the auction to either return to the consignor, or do whatever the auctioneer deems best, with no recourse or refund to the original bidder.

Do I need anything special to purchase a firearm?

If the firearm is manufactured prior to Dec. 31, 1898 you need nothing special.

If the firearm is manufactured after Dec. 31, 1898, you will need to either be a Firearms Dealer yourself, able to produce an original copy of your Federal Firearms License (FFL), OR choose a Firearms Dealer in your area who can accept the firearm and release to you.    Under no circumstances will we release a firearm manufactured post 1898 to you without the proper, legal documents described herein.

How do I register to bid?

You may register on this site if you are bidding by phone or leaving absentee bids.
Click here to register on our site (phone and absentee bidders only)
Online bidders using Live Auctioneers or Invaluable:
Please register on your preferred site for our auction.  You will receive an email verification of your successful registration once our staff has the opportunity to approve you.  Please be patient, as the approval process may take a few days.