Appraisal Contact: Louis J. Dianni
Phone: 914-474-7710 

We are happy to work with you on appraisals of your antiques, either one piece or an entire collection. We charge according to what is involved. A single item that you submit on line by following the directions below, requiring minimal research, will obviously not incur the charges that an entire collection requiring extensive research and/or travel would incur. Rates are established on an individual basis according to your needs.

Photograph your item at the highest resolution possible on your camera, and save it at the highest file size.  Shoot it on a solid, neutral background (preferably white) in daylight, and center the item in the lens, being careful not to cut off any sides of the item. Capture all sides, reverse, underside, labels signatures, etc.  Please, no Polaroids.  Submit your image(s), full name along with your city and state, e-mail, and phone number to Louis J. Dianni,  Let us know where you purchased the item, what you paid for it or if it was a gift.  Describe the item, what you think it might be, and any background information you may know.  Provide us with your specific question. Are you asking what the item is? Are you simply asking for the current market value? Do you need an appraisal for insurance? Something else?